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 Electric Vehicles Lethbridge Ltd. is excited to offer a proven product from Daymak*2001 for Lethbridge and Southern Alberta! I look forward to bringing an exciting new product to our area!! From riding around within the city, to getting chores done on your farm or ranch, or to taking a weekend trip to the mountains, we have everything to suit your needs!!



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Why settle for less when you can still get the best deal? At Electric Vehicles Lethbridge Ltd., we have an affordable selection of vehicles for everyone to enjoy. Our wide range of inventory includes powered bikes, quads, Utv's, dune buggies, three wheel vehicles, and more. Come in and see all of our options now.


Interested in finding out more about a specific vehicle? Come on down to our dealership and take one for a test drive.


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Motor: 1000W
Battery: 60V 30AH Lead Acid
Battery Life: 300-400 cycles
Charger input: 110V-240V
Charge time: 6 - 8 hours
Lights: LED
Max load: 150 kg
Net weight: 300 lbs
Dimensions Assembled: 69” x 39“x 41”
In Box Weight: 325 lbs
Seat Height: 32"
Range up to: 50 km on throttle*
Climbing incline:15 degrees
Tire size: 21“ x 7” x 10” Front Tires 23” x 7” x 10” Rear Tires
Gauges: Battery level, speedometer, odometer.
BrakesFront and back disc brakes

If you’re looking for an awesome 3 Wheeled Scooter, this is definitely it. The Boomerbeast allows just about anyone to enjoy the outdoors as it was meant to. The Boomerbeast gives you balance speed and a certain ruggedness that will turn heads when you ride by. Create your own roads and don’t let anything stop you from going where you want. Put a little bit of excitement back in to your day to day and embrace what life has to offer with the Boomerbeast!

 ARROW 72V 30AH SRP $2199

Motor: 500W
Battery: 72V 30AH Lead Acid
Battery Life: 300-400 cycles
Charger input: 110V-240V
Charge time: 6 - 8 hours
Lights: LED
Max load: 150 kg
Net weight: 210 lbs
Dimensions Assembled: 67" x 29” x 41”
Seat Height: 30" 
Seat Width: 10" 
Seat Length: 23” 
In Box Weight: 230 lbs
Range: up to 75 km
Top Speed: 32 km/h
Climbing incline: 25 degrees
Tire size: 120/70-12
Gauges: Digital and Analog / Battery level / Speedometer / Odometer / Trip MeterBrakesRear and Front Hydraulic Disc Brakes / Ignition LockShocksYes / Rear Gas Shocks
Controller: Daymak Drive Bluetooth 
ExtrasRear Carrying Case / Additional Rider Pegs

The perfect combo of performance and price, the Daymak Arrow ebike is now available. The Arrows edgy fairings and style make for a modern and sporty look. The Arrow comes with rear gas shocks as well as front shocks for smooth riding. It also comes with a 72V 30Ah SLA battery pack that offers a range of up to 60 km on a single charge for a total of 2160Wh of power (50% more than the traditional 72V ebike). With its LED spotlight headlight, ride with visibility day or night. Tweak the performance of the Arrow wirelessly using the Daymak Drive Bluetooth controller with your Android or iOS smartphone. The Daymak Arrow is a great bike for one or two riders and gives you great functionality at a great price. Get the Daymak Arrow available at Electric Vehicles Lethbridge Ltd.


Motor: 250W
Battery: 36V 10.4AH Lithium Ion
Battery Life: 1000 charges
Charger input: 110V-240V
Charge time: 4-6 hours
Lights: LED
Max load: 100 kg
Net weight: 55 lbs
Dimensions Assembled: 39" x 23" x 33"
Dimensions Folded: 39" x 23" x 20"
Seat Height: 20"
Seat Width: 12"
Seat Length: 13"
Rangeup to 30 km
Top Speed?? km/h
Climbing incline:10 degrees
Tire size: 200 x 50 Front 23" x 20" 
Gauges: Digital / Battery level 
Brakes: Rear Disc Brakes
Shocks: No 
Extras: Adjustable Handlebar, 3 Speeds, Foldable, Rear Luggage Rack, Carrying Handle

The all new Boomerbuggy Foldable takes everything you love about Daymak's favourite mobility scooter series and makes it even more accessible. The Boomerbuggy Foldable, lives up to its name; it's foldable! Easily take the Boomerbuggy Foldable with you in your car or store it in your home when not in use. The removable 36V lithium ion battery pack gives you a lightweight yet powerful battery that can travel up to 25 km on single charge.  It's tight turning radius makes the Boomerbuggy Foldable able to get in those tight quarters that a larger scooter could not. Get the Boomerbuggy Foldable and go outside and enjoy the outdoors on your schedule!




Motor: 1200W 
Battery: 60V 40ah Lead Acid or 60V 50ah Lithium
Battery Life: 300-400 cycles (SLA) 1000 cycles (Lithium)
Charger input110V-240V
Charge time: 6 - 8 hours
Lights: Standard
Max load: 170 kg
Net weight: 613 lbs
Dimensions Assembled: 90" x 41" x 63"
Range: up to 60 km
Top Speed: 13 km/h
Climbing incline: 15 degrees
Tire size: 350/10 Tubeless
Gauges: Digital / Battery level 
Brakes: Disc brake
Extras:Fan, Heater, air conditioning, stereo

The Boomerbuggy X! This fully enclosed mobility scooter is more spacious and has some cool new features! Travel to get your groceries, to your neighbour’s or take it just for a leisurely joy ride without fear of the weather. The Boomer X is fully insulated with heating giving you the warmth and comfort that you need on those cold winter days. The Boomer X also features built in speakers, windshield wipers, and more. Regain your mobility, independence, and sense of freedom with the Boomerbuggy X the next generation of covered mobility scooters!


Motor: 100W

Battery: 24V 4.5AH Lead Acid

Battery Life: 300-400 cycles

Charger input: 110V-240V

Charge time: 4-6 hours

Max load: 40 kg

Net weight: 37 lbs

Dimensions Assembled: 29" x 10" x 12"

In Box Weight: 45 lbs

Range:10 km

 Top Speed:12 km/h

Climbing incline:10 degrees


 Extras:Bluetooth MP3 / Solar Panel Charging / Foldable / Alarm System 

The Photon is a one of kind electric kick scooter that has a ton of features! This fully electric kick scooter isn’t just your run of them mill e-scooter. The Daymak Photon features a solar panel base that trickle charges your bike while it’s in the sun! It also features wireless Bluetooth connectivity to play your favorite songs while you ride! Charge your phone with the USB port, set the alarm to prevent theft, easily fold it take it with you wherever you go this scooter has it all!  Enjoy hours of fun with this amazing electric scooter the Daymak Photon.


Motor: 500W
Battery: 48V 20AH Lithium
Battery Life: 1000 charges
Removable battery: Yes
Charger input: 110V-240V
Charge time: 3 - 4 hours
Max load: 150 kg
Net weight: 75 lbs
Dimensions Assembled: 74" x 32" x 44"
Basket Dimensions: 19" x 15" x 10"
In Box Weight: 85 lbs
Range: up to 40 km on throttle*
Climbing incline: 15 degrees
Tire size: 20" x 4"
Gauges: Battery level, speedometer, odometer, 5 speed pedal-assist mode, Travel Time, Trip Meter
Brakes: Front and back disc brakes

The Florence Fat Tire ebike puts the fun in functional. If you were ever worried about your balance issues, but yearn for the joys of riding, this is the bike for you. The Florence FT has three oversized tires to help keep you balanced and allows even the most novice riders to experience the outdoors as it was meant to. Keep all your belongings close behind you or use it to carry wood to the campfire; this bike is as useful as it is exciting. With the powerful motor and 960Wh battery the only thing you need to worry about is if you’ll be home for dinner. Get the Florence Fat Tire ebike and be the author of your new story.